3 Interior Design Trends For Spring 2023

Longer days and more sunlight mean that spring is around the corner. It’s time to refresh your home! Brighten up your home to match sunnier days with the latest décor trends and some spring cleaning. Change up your home’s look with these home décor trends!


‘70s décor

We all know that trends come and go, but the mid century modern style is here to stay! The vibrant and lively colours of this era can easily illuminate the look of your home. Choose décor or furniture pieces in bold patterns or shades of orange, green, yellow and royal blue.


In one of our previous projects, we’ve incorporated these colours within a mid-century modern home. We’ve captured the essence of that era by incorporating these vibrant tones throughout this home. Easily add this trend to your home in the most subtle way by using colourful chairs, pillows, and artwork.


Shades of Brown

Exude the feeling of warmth in your home with a brand new paint colour or decorate using accessories in shades of brown. Major paint brands including Glidden and Sherwin Williams forecast that earthy, neutral tones like Foxfire Brown, Cool Clay, and Redend Point will be the colours of the year!


Despite being a trend, shades of brown are timeless colours that are versatile when decorating your home. Choose these paint colours to refresh your home’s look or accessorize with throws or cushions to incorporate these tones in your home.


Natural Materials

Bringing the outdoors inside has been a major trend since many of us had begun working from home. To this day, you’ll still find lots of homes furnished with pieces made from natural materials like wicker or wood!


In this Leslieville semi, we’ve decorated this home to induce feelings of nature by using furniture made from natural materials. In the dining and living room, we brought the outdoors in by adding wicker chairs, and a wooden slab dining table. We then accented this home green pillows, plants, and furniture to enhance the feeling of nature inside the living space.


There’s no better way to refresh your home than by adding a new piece of furniture or applying a new paint colour. Try out these Spring 2023 Interior Design trends to change up the look of your home!


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