Why You Should Hire A Staging Company To Stage Your Home

If you’re planning to list your home on the real estate market, you’re probably wondering how to stand out among other listings and appeal to potential buyers. With the current real estate market in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, it is crucial to leave a lasting impression and put your home’s best foot forward by hiring a staging company.

It’s been tried and tested but it’s been proven that hiring a staging company like StageLuxe is key to successfully selling your home. We’ll discuss why hiring StageLuxe can lead to a faster sale and achieve a higher selling price. Whether you’re a first time or an experienced home seller, staging your home is an investment worth taking advantage of. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to hire a staging company to stage your home!


Increased Appeal

Staging your home can help it stand out and appeal to a wide variety of buyers. By staging your home, you’ll showcase your home’s unique features and style by refining its overall appearance and capturing the right buyers attention. By working with StageLuxe, your home will be staged to highlight its character and increase its overall appeal. We’ll create a welcoming and warm ambiance to ensure your home makes a lasting impression in both photos and in-person!


Faster Sales

There’s no doubt that a staged home will sell exponentially faster than a non-staged home. Staging your home allows potential buyers to visualize themselves living their life in your home. According to a survey by the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell 9 days faster in comparison to non-staged homes. Hiring a professional staging company like StageLuxe allows you to leverage your home to get more offers. Soon enough you’ll be closing the sale on your home!


Return On Your Investment

Investing in staging services provides you with a higher return on your investment. Staging your home in the right way adds a competitive edge to other properties and helps increase the asking price for your property. In the same survey it was found that 73% of properties were sold for higher than the listing price. Therefore, not only will staging your home increase appeal and sell your home faster, but bring you more value for your biggest investment!


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