How To Create An Interior Design Mood Board

Have you ever felt that your personal space needs a refresh? Perhaps you’ve looked online for inspiration and wonder how to get that WOW factor? The key to creating interior design is to develop a mood board that reflects your unique style. Keep on reading to learn what you need to create your own mood board to inspire your interior design!


What Is A Mood Board?

A Mood Board consists of inspirational images, colours and design elements for your interior design. Incorporating images of furniture, décor, colour palettes, and even textures all help create your vision.


Why Are Mood Boards Necessary?

Creating a Mood Board allows you to visually organize your ideas. It can also help to figure out if a design element or idea would work with the overall design vision of the project. With a Mood Board, you can easily focus and streamline your ideas to align with your vision.


What Consists of A Mood Board?


Do you have a piece of furniture that you’d like to incorporate in your interior design? Maybe you’ve seen a piece of furniture online that you’d like to bring home. The mood board is the perfect way to find inspiration to centre your vision to a piece of furniture.



Adding a colour scheme can make finding inspiration easier. With a colour scheme in mind, you’ll find it’s easier for you to choose cohesive elements that align with your design vision. Use a colour wheel or paint swatches to figure out what colours you’d like to incorporate.


Hardware/Lighting Fixtures

Creating a mood board allows you to add any hardware like knobs or handles that you’d like to incorporate into your design. If you’re deciding what kind of lighting fixtures you’d like to add, you can see if it’ll work with your ideas before investing in a lot of items.



Decorating your space is like putting together a puzzle, and the small decor items like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork are the final pieces. However, don’t underestimate their importance in completing the overall design. Including them in your mood board can give you a clear visual of how they pull it all together.


Where To Create A Mood Board?

Whether you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can easily create a mood board as a collage. On the other hand, if you prefer a more digitalized approach to creating a mood board, there are apps like Canva, Adobe Express, or Milanote. Pinterest is also fantastic place to source and save all your ideas.


Where to find inspiration?

There are endless resources out there for you to find inspiration for your interior design. From social media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), your favourite furniture stores, or even the StageLuxe Gallery, you can easily find inspiration anywhere!


To get a better understanding of the bigger picture and put your ideas and inspiration in one place, consider creating a mood board. You’ll be able to turn your design visions into reality and create that wow factor you’ve been looking for.


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