The Benefits of Having Your Home Professionally Staged

If you’re thinking about selling your home and listing it on the real estate market, one of the key strategies to getting the highest return on your investment is by having your home professionally staged. A staged home makes the biggest difference when selling it.


According to a Home Staging study the National Association of Realtors, it’s been found that 81% of buyers’ agents said that a staged home makes it easier for their buyer to imagine a property as their future home. Read on to find out about the multiple ways a seller can benefit from having a home professionally staged.


Increased Buyer Interest

Not only does a staged home make it easier for a buyer to potentially see their life in your property, but a staged home creates a welcoming environment and allows to best highlight the features of a property. To illustrate, take a look at how we staged this Little Italy House.



We staged this home to highlight this home’s unique qualities and put emphasis on how this home receives plenty of natural light throughout the day. With careful planning, we’ve staged this home to make it easy for a potential buyer to imagine eating meals or working from home in this property. Can you imagine yourself in this home?


Higher Offers, Sold Faster

In the same Home Staging Study by the National Association of Realtors, 20% of sellers’ agents have reported that they saw a staged home’s value increase between 1% to 5% in comparison to homes on the market that weren’t staged. Furthermore, sellers’ agents also found that staged homes spend less time on the market in comparison to an unstaged home. Which means staging your home can enhance the return on your investment and helps you sell your home at a faster rate!


Enhanced Listings

By having a staged home, not only will your home entice potential buyers in-person but will make it easier to market your home online! With a staged home, your property is camera ready for high-quality images that appeal to potential buyers.


Rather than an empty and unfurnished home, photos or videos of your staged home will enhance your property’s listing among other listings in the current market. When it comes to open house, we’re sure you’ll have tons of potential buyers coming to visit your home.

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