The Psychology of Colour In Home Staging and Its Influence on Buyers Subconscious

The Importance of Staging with Accent Colours

The main goals of home staging are to highlight a home’s best features and inspire an emotional connection from buyers. A key element in creating that powerful response is colour. Colour can evoke a myriad of emotions and send psychological cues to people, such as making them feel relaxed or energized or even stirring up their appetite.

A neutral palette as a base is important for home staging because buyers need to be able to picture their own furniture and décor in its place. If the décor is too taste-specific or colorful, it will distract most buyers who can’t see past it. However, incorporating well-placed accent colours will help bring each room to life and make it more appealing.

You can also use colour to sway how a buyer feels. Blue will make a space feel more relaxing, orange is energizing, and red is power and eye-catching.

Home staging helps your home look appealing both in person and in photos. Neutrals make the home look crisp and clean, and then a few pops of color bring it to life. The photos look even more engaging with some color in them.

Red – As you might already know, red is associated with love and anger. Both these emotions represent some form of passion. You can use this colour to make the décor feel more intimate and warmer.

White – The colour white has always been used when depicting heaven. In fact, can you imagine an instance of white not being used?

In other words, white represents purity and cleanliness. White can make spaces look larger as well. But remember not to use too much white as it will look too sterile.

Black – Black can have quite a few negative representations, but speaking in positive terms, you can say that the colour represents an assertion of power.

Unlike white, you can’t really use black as a background colour. But it makes for a great statement colour. You can use it to draw attention to specific pieces or areas in the room.

Orange – The colour orange is yet another warm colour. And as you might all agree, it brings about an energetic vibe. However, you need to keep in mind that too much of orange might just make the interior too tacky. In our opinion, it’s best used as a statement colour.

YellowYellow is quite similar to orange. It invokes a feeling of happiness and creativity. Ideally, you should use this colour in an area with enough natural light, along with a calming colour, to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Brown – The colour brown brings with it a natural vibe, mainly because it can be associated with trees and the earth. Thus, shades of brown actually make the environment quite relaxing.

You can not only use brown as a background colour but also introduce lots of wooden items in the décor. In our opinion, it is ideal for rooms where you want your friends and family to sit down and have a pleasant conversation.  

Purple – There’s no denying the fact that purple exudes royalty. If you are going for a classy décor, you can add purple as the dominating background element in the master bedroom.

Blue – Although blue and purple are practically neighbors on the colour scale, they represent very different emotions. While purple is more about luxury and royalty, blue, on the other hand, has a calming and fresh vibe.

Green – If you had to pick one colour to represent nature, it would probably be green and not brown, right? And just like nature, green has the ability to soothe our souls.

When it comes to using green in the interior, we believe that it makes the ideal choice for the entryway. A green background will make the transition from outdoors to indoors seamless.

Gray – The color gray is associated with maturity, intelligence, and relaxation. Bathroom walls and office spaces can look a lot more sophisticated with the use of gray.

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