Tips For Making A Small Space Feel Bigger

Does your home or apartment feel a little too small? There’s nothing wrong with a home that feels cozy but maybe you want a home that feels more open and airy. With a few minor changes you can make your space look and feel much bigger.


Let’s explore some tricks to make sure your home appears more spacious without the need for a costly renovation. Whether you’re working with a small studio apartment or a cozy family home, our tips will help you create a more open and inviting space.



Have you ever heard the saying, less is more? When it comes to furnishing a small space, there is nothing more true.

• Furnish your home with a few pieces like a sectional sofa to make the most out of a room. Choosing fewer pieces will make a room feel tidier and make a room appear larger.

• Choose smaller scale furniture as to not overwhelm the room

• Find furniture pieces with open legs. This helps a room feel more open and airy.

• Multi-functional furniture with built-in storage can make a big difference in maximizing the space in your home while making it appear larger.



When trying to make a space look bigger, one of the most important aspects of a room are the walls.

• Choosing paint colours that brighten up the look of your home is key to making a space look bigger! Bright whites contrasted with deep dark colours make a statement and create depth.

• The way light bounces off a room is also important to making a space feel larger. Mirrors are a great way to brighten a space. When light flows into the room, it bounces off the mirrors making it feel brighter and larger!



It’s all about the details, especially when furnishing a small space. The way you decorate a room can influence the feeling of it. With just the right amount of décor it can easily enhance how spacious a room feels. Let’s delve into some tips to making your room feel more airy.

• Choose décor with a light and neutral colour palette, the light colours will help enhance the look of your room.

• Minimizing your decor will give a spare aesthetic to the space.

• Find pieces that are transparent like glass tables. A space will seem bigger because you can see through the furniture. It feels airy when paired with heavier furniture.

• Bring your curtains all the way to the top of the ceiling, and ensure that your curtains are long enough to hit the floor. This will make a room feel taller and will also make a space feel more luxurious.



Whether you’re looking for a new way to refresh the look of your home or planning to put your property on the market, bring your home’s best foot forward. This is key to creating a home that stands out!


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