Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closets For Home Staging! Set Your Property Apart!

Did you ever think about the impression your properties’ interior of closets leave and what impact they have on a buyer’s choice of home to bid on? Most prospective buyers open closets to evaluate space. What are these areas telling them about the property? We chatted with a home organizing and packing service, to get their best tips on how they prepare closets to set your property apart every time.


The key to any home organization project is to downsize and declutter first. Think of it like pre-organizing for your organizing: You cut down on items you have to find spots for, free up new space for more important items, and help put yourself in a new Zen-like state of mind for moving forward into a new home and achieving a top selling price for the property. 

Here are a few way to gain closet space and reduce clutter:

  • Tackle big real-estate items first. If you have better space elsewhere, move stuff like vacuums, camping gear, and large suitcases to a guest bedroom, basement, hallway closet, or garage.

  • Make three piles labeled “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Toss” to sort your existing closet items.

  • Donate clothes, jewelry, and other accessories you haven’t worn in six months, and toss damaged or unusable items.

  • For “Keep” items, divide further by seasonality.


Tackling a big declutter or organization project? You might need to upgrade your storage arsenal. Did you know you can rent a portable storage container to help sort and access items. Storage containers can be delivered and picked up on your schedule, so you don’t have to be in any rush to make decisions.


A simple yet effective upgrade to any closet (especially a small one) is to place a dresser under your hanging items. This frees up space in your bedroom and makes a quick upgrade to your divider and storage options. It also doesn’t require installation like other closet systems; just place it where you want it and add your stuff!


Regardless if the space is small or a large walk-in, closet dividers are a great option to organize your wardrobe. As you purchase or collect these containers, rack tags, and shelf dividers, consider methods for choosing what to place in each closet zone:

  • Divide items by type, such as jeans, sweaters, and dresses. 

  • Arrange items based on height and bulkiness: Tops go on lower racks or shorter shelves, pants go on a hook rack or mid-level shelf, and long dresses and bulky coats go on higher racks and spacious shelving.

  • If you’re a visual organizer, subdivide items by color (in rainbow order, of course, if you’re anything like The Home Edit ladies).

  • Keep high-use items easy to access; tuck low-use items out of the way.

  • Stick accessories on walls or their own shelf.


Once you’ve maximized all your dividers, shelves, racks, and drawers, look to your walls to store jewelry and accessories. Here’s how to make this space more functional:

  • Add a small towel rack with hooks to hold jewelry.

  • Stick on clear plastic file holders or spice racks to hold beauty products.

  • Hang wire bins on damage-free hooks to hold accessories and small clothing item


Once you’ve sectioned off different areas of your closet, it’s time to try all your new hanging and folding techniques. You have valuable space in all those drawers, shelves, and boxes; now it’s time to make it shine!

Here are some tips suggested to make the contents of your closet feel elegant and functional:

  • Use stacking methods for clothes on dividers and shelves, but not in drawers.

  • For drawers, use the vertical or file folding method. (Think Marie Kondo.)

  • Use special hangers to consolidate scarves, ties, and belts.

  • Nest bras inside of each other to save drawer space.

  • Store smaller bags inside bigger bags.

  • Hang pants on a hook organizer, keeping them wrinkle-free and out of your rack and shelf real estate.

Dive into this super satisfying video featuring tons of folding and hanging hacks below:

TIP: Investing in hangers that are all the same type will also give the closets a mint organized look. It’s a small investment that helps in appeal and your bottom line on sale of any property. 

Ahead, find the best closet organizers to keep your stuff neat.

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Expert Buying Tip

“Organize your clothes by colour. This will not only make things easier to find, but also make your closet look prettier, too.”