Where Does The TV Go?

When staging a home for sale, one of the most common questions are, “Where does the TV go?” When selling your home, focusing on making your home appear its best is key but many might argue that televisions can be unattractive and distract from the aesthetic of a room. Stagers often use art or mirrors in place of a television to focus on the beauty of the space. But as we know TVs play an important role in appealing to a potential buyer during their house hunt.


Placing a TV in the proper room (i.e. living room) or family den can make visualizing the purpose of the room easier. Without a TV in staged room, it would require buyers to imagine where it would go, which can be a turn-off for some.


Consider Your Television’s Placement

TVs can fit into a room with the right layout and placement, but shouldn’t be the focus or the first thing you see when entering a room. A poorly placed TV makes a room feel unappealing.


The TV’s location and aesthetic should fit the room’s staged design. Flat-screen TVs that are mounted on the wall can be minimalist and contemporary, but shouldn’t be too distracting in size. Smaller televisions can also achieve the ideal result if placed properly.


Television No No’s

Large or outdated TVs can take away from the staged room’s contemporary look, so it’s worth considering buying a new stylish TV. It’ll help make the room look modern and you’ll also have a new tv to bring to your new home. Some companies and stagers offer rentals of fake flat televisions.


It’s also important to keep an eye out for cable clutter, which can be distracting and make the area look messy and unkempt. Make sure the cables are removed entirely or hidden well from sight!


When it comes to the television, the rule of thumb for most staging professionals is to avoid making it the main focus of a room. With the right placement and size, a TV can compliment the overall staging and help buyers imagine themselves living in your property.

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