Why Eco Lighting Matters When Staging A Home For Resale!

Lighting is a key factor when finding and renovating your new home and when staging a home for resale. A key factor many buyers are starting to look for is sustainable, safe materials in a home they are purchasing. Sustainable means reducing the usage of non-Eco friendly materials and finding alternate material while still being able to style your home. Light fixtures and bulbs now with a shift towards safer materials have some of the most spectacular designs imaginable. 

Impact of non-sustainable lighting 

Light fixtures can increase carbon emissions and further affect individual health and climate. How so? 60% of our electricity comes from burning of fossil fuels which contributes further to climate change, releasing harmful toxins in the air. Another way the  lighting in your home contributes to the environment is how it is recycled and reused. Fluorescent light bulbs contain harmful toxins, such as mercury, that are released into the air, water and underground from landfills and transportation of waste. The best way to avoid these risks is to invest in sustainable lighting brands and find natural lighting. In addition to this is the fixtures themselves.

The solution – what is Eco-friendly lighting?  

Eco-friendly lighting uses materials such as bamboo, wood, brass, recycled metals and glass.  Switching to eco-friendly lighting doesn’t only entail the installation of energy-saving bulbs, but also the use of green materials for your fixtures. Thus, you should go with lamps, pendants and other fixtures made of reused, recycled or natural materials. You can also buy vintage lighting fixtures, which will have a positive impact on the environment while also giving your home a beautiful flair.

Brands – beautiful & responsible

David Trubridge

Founded in the early 2000’s , Trubridge has advocated for environmental activism by creating eco-friendly lighting. By using sustainable materials and hand made art work, the company has created varying designs suitable for all homes. All of David Trubridge’s pendants are made from sustainable bamboo. While some designs used plastic initially, they have since “redesigned them to exclude plastic and this positive movement will give them a new life…and a more sustainable one!” David Trubridge has won 9 awards, including best design and one of the most sustainable lighting companies. David is known as one of the top 15 best-designers in the world!

David is internationally recognized as a leader and environmentally responsible designer. He and his team consider sustainability in every step of the process. 

For instance, each lamp comes with a kitset that is minimalistic and lightweight, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint for shipping which, according to David himself, is a way to “help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.”

Everything is shipped in a recyclable cardboard box. 


Established in Las Vegas, Varakuz uses sustainable and recyclable materials to create outstanding light-fixtures with a modern-twist. With over 300 brand collaborations, Varaluz provides a wide selection of colours, shapes, and lighting textures for any room in your home. Additionally, Varaluz has a selection of furniture, decor, accessories, and fans. Common materials include recycled steel, glass discs, natural rope, pinewood, and bark. When finishes are used they’re always low-VOC.

Fun fact: In 2017 they turned 6.6 tons of metal into lighting.

Dounia Home

Inspired by Moroccan art, Dounia is known for their high-quality and sustainable lighting fixtures. Made from naturally sourced materials, these lighting fixtures are purely handmade and painted.  Primarily, they use Moroccan-mined solid brass, nickel silver, and copper metal in their products. All sustainable lights are hand-etched, hand-polished, and hand-sealed to ensure the highest quality.

Dounia is also known for its carbon offset shipping as well as their contribution to environmental organizations. This sustainable lighting company is also highly ranked in treating employees with fair working hours, increased pay and new roles for workers. This online store also offers a selection of furniture and accessories that certainly complement lighting fixtures. Dounia Home works with a small group of master artisans who are paid a premium (on average 30% higher wages) and provided with reasonable work hours and opportunities for growth.


First established on Etsy, this 5-star shop is known for their eco-friendly and geometrical lighting. These sustainable lights are made solely with brass —a copper-based alloy that is easy and energy-efficient to recycle. Recycling brass requires less energy than other metals like steel and aluminum.

SmileLampWorks designs and hand makes every single item in their small Orange, California studio.

They offer a variety of small, chic and unique light bulbs

Additional brands

Thousand Villages

Bicycle Glass Co.


So do your research when staging a home for resale. It will be key to your bottom line every time.

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